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Path (2016)

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by Dawn Kramer and Stephen Buck
Location: Derb Fahl Ezzafriti, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Music: John Holland
Sea of Cold
Oceans of the Moon for Digital Piano
and Computer-generated Sounds

This walk home, one of a series, takes place in Marrakesh. It is the product of clips of Dawn walking back to our B & B and a video Stephen shot as he did the walk by himself. As Stephen edited the two together the piece became a take on the dharma path where serenity and “monkey mind” compete with each other. A colleague of Dawn’s, John Holland, allowed us to use his music. Path is influenced by the work of a video artist, Johanna Vaude, that Stephen met in Paris when she was one of the caretakers for an Airbnb apartment that we were staying in. She makes high energy videos that inspired me to add action to the camera work and editing.