Live Choreography

Seaspace (1973)  trio with commissioned electronic score
Pismo Beach (1973)
quintet, music by Bob Dylan and Nik Riakevic
Getting from There to Here (1973) solo with slide projections by Meridel Rubenstein, score combined live singing and music by Stan Strickland and Arnie Lawrence & The Children of All Ages
Serengetti (1973) co-choreographed and performed with Beth Soll and Roz Newman, music by John Mayall
Plastic Wrap (1974) solo with live fiddle music and whistling by Andrew Woolf
The Mind Is A Wild Monkey (1975) quintet with live percussion by Sarah Jewler
Haiku (1976) double duet, music by J.S. Bach, played live on cello by Ron Heifez
Notion (1976) solo, music by Billie Holliday
Rag (1976) solo, music by Red Allen and Sidney Bechet
Collision for Six (1977) dance for five men with commissioned percussion score by Craig Ellis
Rest Area (1978) duet, performed with Stephen Buck, music by Lieber-Stoller
Point of View (1978) full-evening movement event performed throughout the galleries of the old ICA on Boylston St. Stand-In: Dawn Lane
Walter’s Dream (1978) choreographed on MassArt students as part of Harris Barron’s Flight performance, with Dance Collective as Artists-in-Residence at Longwood Theater, Massachusetts College of Art, SIM department
Bits & Pieces (1979) a series of very short pieces that appear between longer works
Cast of Characters (1979) full evening movement event commissioned by Southeastern Mass. University performed throughout the auditorium: costumes by Dawn Lane, Lighting by Michael Nishball, sound by Ingrid Sell
Full Count (1979) duet with Chopin Etudes played live by Randall Hodgkinson and Christopher O’Reilly, costumes by Dawn Lane
Unfamiliar Territory (1979) group dance commissioned by the Boston Repertory Ballet, Bach cello suite played live on stage
Conversation Piece (1980) solo & duet with telephones and live speaking
Housewares (1980) full evening movement event performed at Longwood Theater, Massachusetts College of Art, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival
Intervals of Heavy Rain (1981) dance for a man, a woman, an umbrella and a banana, with music by Andreas Vollenweider, performed with Carlo Rizzo
Solo Series #1a (1982) solo with music by John Holland, set by Ed Howe
Solo Series #1b (1982) duet with music by Chopin, set by Ed Howe
Blue Cheer (1983)  trio with live blues sung by Wanetta Jackson, later by Merle Perkins, live piano by Annie Silverman
Raw Stuff (1985)  group dance with steel drum by Fast Forward, commissioned by New Works grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, costumes by Carol Anthony, extras included Roxann MacKinnon, Darla Villani
Foreign Fling (1986)  solo with live music by David Moss, sets by Pieter Smit, video by Joe Briganti, commissioned by New Works grant from the Massachusets Cultural Council extras included Roxann MacKinnon, Darla Villani, Lise Brody
Strange Stuff, Real Stuff, Raw Stuff (1988)  Full-evening work including two premieres: Marsupial Moments- group dance with music by Malcolm McLaren and One False Move with sets by Pieter Smit, live speaking, singing, and saxophone by Kramer and Smit
Rondo for a New Year (1989)  group dance on scaffolding in the Back Bay Train Station, commissioned by First Night, 1989
Ups and Downs (1989)  group work with score by Scott Johnson

Vous Etes Ici! (1990) 
A full-evening solo performance developed in collaboration with other artists in residence at the La Napoule Art Foundation, France, including:

Prologue: music by Laetitia Sonami,

Sahara: poetry by Malek Alloula, music by Laetitia Sonami

Body & Steel: set assistance by Kate Blacker, music by Fast Forward

Monologue: music by Fast Forward, Triptych: assisted by Malek Alloula
Pipe Dream (1990)  commissioned by First Night and Dance Umbrella. A full-evening work on multi-level scaffolding, co-choreographed with Gray and Chaffee, commissioned music by Caleb Sampson, presented in the Boston Center for the Arts’ Cyclorama, Back Bay Train Station, atrium of Prudential Center Mall, Towson State College, Maryland
Cameo (1991) duet for Kramer and Rizzo to Saint Saens’ Mon Coeur s’Ouvre a Ta Voix
After Ever (1991)  a full-evening, site-specific work for Boston's Cyclorama, commissioned by Dance Umbrella, sets by Pieter Smit including 18’x22’ hand-knotted rope net, commissioned music by Stan Strickland, additional music by David Byrne, by permission
Full Tilt (1992) a n off-balance sextet with commissioned score by Yuval Ron; choreography developed in residence at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival
The Stonecutter (1993)  dance for four men, commissioned score by Yuval Ron, sets by Bart Uchida. Movement & music developed from workshops with Vietnamese and American third graders.
Reach (1993)  sextet to Schubert’s adagio from last quintet
Mercy (1993)  solo, in response to domestic violence, selected by Dance Umbrella for Flying Solo, a curated concert of four solo performers
Memorial Day/Standing on my Head (1994)  collaboration with Peter DiMuro, double monologue/dance
The 21st Tribe (1994)  group dance with live percussion and voice, commissioned for Dancing in the Park, performed in Larz Anderson Park and the Tsai Center, Boston
Memorial Day (1995)  solo with spoken text by Kramer, performed mostly upside down
Jungle Gym Dance (1995)
commission for short opening piece at the Fleet Center’s gala opening
Handle with Care/Trate con Cuidado (1996)  dance for eight women and eight large cardboard boxes to Vivaldi’s Winter
Bellow(s) (1996)  duet for dancer, Micki Taylor-Pinney, and bagpiper, Derek Burrows, as musician and mover
“What We Here Possess” (1998)  extended duet for Kramer and Sun Ho Kim with live American and Celtic traditional music, played and sung by Jeff Davis and Bridget Fitzgerald, sets and costumes by Bebe Beard
The Body Hesitates (1998)  with commissioned score by Jeff Talman, created for Carlo Rizzo, for Dance Collective’s 25th anniversary concerts, presented by the Bank Boston Celebrity Series
Shout! (1999)  quartet with Tibetan bells/Balinese Kecak, revised 2003
Stairway (2000)  commissioned by First Night, 2000, performed on the stairway of the Boston Public Library, poetry by Steven Ratiner, live music by Patino Vasquez
Swan Song #1 (2000)  duet for Kramer and 16-year-old break dancer, Jeffrey Louizia to Bartok’s Fourteen Bagatelles, live piano by Melanie Almiron
Endangered Species (2001)  group works commissioned by ParkARTS, Boston, performed in the Copley Square fountain, included breakdance solo by Nick Rodrigues
Walk In Progress (2001)  co-choreographed with New York choreographer, Seán Curran, video by Antony Flackett, live bass by John Clark: live performance by Kramer in duet with the video’d Curran
De/Reconstruction (2003)  solo, sound score by Kevin Pelrine, performed at Dance Collective’s 30th anniversary concert
Pozen Center Opening Gala (2004)  choreography on MassArt students for the gala opening
Lament for a Dead Companion (2006)  by John Holland, performed the role of the Seductress, in The Pozen Center, Boston and Yamaha Piano Studios, New York City
“If I were you…”(2007)  duet, with video by Stephen Buck, commissioned by Boston University Dance Department, Production assistant Patrick Mulligan, stand-in Caitlin Welby
Cracking (2008)  solo with video by Stephen Buck, original music by Katarina Miljkovic: performed at MassArt, BU, Jordan Hall; documentary video & music at Art of Sounds in Belgrade, thanks to Amber, Ruth, Tess, Sydney, Olga, Mariela, Ivan, Matt, Sheena in video clips; Dan DeLuca, producer
Entanglement (2009)  duet with Kramer and Brian McCook, video by Stephen Buck, original music by Katarina Miljkovic: 2009; presented by the Cambridge Science Festival and CyberArts in three performances, spring, 2009
Body of Water (2011)  Installation of six silent video/movement poems and live solo performance in a video projection environment by Stephen Buck, sound design: Buck and Antony Flackett, thanks to Olga Gerasymiv, Danielle Freiman, Julie Chen, Mariela Cerda: presented at the Pozen Center at MassArt and Boston University, developed in a residency at the Bogliasco Foundation, Genoa, Italy
Throw/Back (2013)  duet, performed with Stan Strickland, music, and Stephen Buck, video projections, guest performance at Berklee College of Music
Secret Laughs (2019)  duet, with Olivier Besson (dance), Stan Strickland (music), and Stephen Buck (video projections)

Video Dances

Imaginary Crossing (1980)  commissioned by WGBH New Television Workshop, videographer Robin Doty, producer Susan Dowling, presented in Boston, Mill Valley, London, Paris, and Avignon film festivals
My Place or Yours? (1985) 
commissioned by Massachusetts Cultural Council, videographer Robin Doty, duet for Kramer with composer/performer Stan Strickland, cablecast by Continental Cable
Seán & Dawn (2003) 
a single channel short piece from video material in Walk in Progress, edited by Antony Flackett, selected for the New York Dance on Camera Festival 2003 and national tour

Settling In (2005) 
site specific collaboration with Corey Smithson at Haystack, Deer Isle, Maine, thank you to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
Pool (2010) 
site specific silent video/movement poem in a Zen garden pool in Massachusetts , thank you to the Center at Westwoods
Quatrain (2009) 
site specific silent video/movement poems in Provence and Le Lot, France
Haiku (2008) 
site specific silent video/movement poem on Deer Isle, Maine, shot by Noah Stout, artistic assistance by Denise Marika

Kyoto Triptych (2010)

Three site-specific silent video/movement poems in Kyoto Buddhist Temples, assisted by a Marilyn Pappas grant from the MassArt Foundation:
Honen-In thank you to Shinsho Kajita, Abbot
Shunko-In thank you to Takafumi Kawakami, Abbot
Taizo-In  thank you to Daiko Matsuyama, Abbot
Poesia Liguria (2011)
site specific silent video/movement poem on the Ligurian Coast, Italy, thank you to the Bogliasco Foundation, Genoa, Italy
Seven short videos:   Concept, choreography, and performances by Dawn Kramer, Camera by Stephen Buck, Editing by Stephen Buck and Dawn Kramer, thank you to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for a 2012 Artist Fellowship in Choreography

Irish Trilogy: (2013)

Music: Dear Irish Boy, Traditional (Eileen Ivers and Brian Keene, Arrangers) From the CD: Crossing the Bridge. Thank you to Liadain O'Donovan for letting us create Cottage in her cottage in Kinvara, Ireland.
Burren Bagatelle  Music: The Miller of Drohan by Lúnasa, from The Story so far... 2007 Re-mix by Trevor Hutchinson at Marguerite Studios, Dublin. Shot at: Mullaghmore, The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

Music: Port na Bpucai, Cillian Vallely, uilleann pipes. Shot at: Mullaghmore, The Burren, County Clare, Ireland


Corps et Terre (Body and Earth) Sound recorded live at the site by Dawn & Stephen. Merci au vendangeurs: Cédric, Dédé, Grégoire, Jean François, Julie, Marie Édith,Bonnie, Barbara. Thank you to Claude and Chantal Leduc for welcoming us to Domaine de la Tronque and letting us make our videos in their vineyard.
Vignette  >Merci au vendangeurs: Cédric, Grégoire, Jean François, Julie, Marie Édith. Music: FOUR PIECES QUASI SONATA, Recording used with permission of the composer. Music Publisher: Theodore Presser (144-40544 - piano score and part).

Sicily (2013):

Boschetto (Grove)
Grazie to the harvest workers: Nicola, Alio, Angelo, Giuseppe, Salvatore Sound: Cialomi-Italian Treasury: Sicily Alan Lomax field recording, 1956, Shot at Azienda Agricola Taibi, Montaperto, Sicily
Carico (Loading) Grazie to Nicola and Angelo; sound recorded live at the site by Dawn & Stephen; shot at Agricola Taibi, Montaperto, Sicily. Grazie Mille: Gerlando, Francesco, Flavia, Beatrice, Giuseppe & Nita, Ella & Gaia

Les Escaliers (2014) Music: Simon Kanzler, shot in Menton, France
Escaleras (2014) Music: Benjamín Félix Caignet, shot in Guanajuato, Mexico
Luminous (2015) Music: Caleb Sampson, shot in Guadeloupe, France
Mémoire (2015) Music: Evan Harlan, shot in and near Paris, France, in memory of poet Malek Alloula
Scalinata (2016) Music: Kevin MacLeod, shot in Casablanca, Morocco