Dawn Kramer - Calendar



"Secret Laughs"
at the Dance Complex, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Six Performances in January, 2019
Part of the CATALYSTS Program
with Olivier Besson and Stan Strickland

"Beyond Boundaries"
at the Dance Complex, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Showed Entanglement, (11 minute video)
Sunday, June 24, 2018, 7-9 PM

Video Showing in Paris
At Le Regard du Cygne
November 2017
They showed Dawn's video in the lobby before their performances and during intermissions
Intro en Français
Credits in English
Credites - Français

Wellesley College Reunion
"45 years of choreography in 20 Minutes"
June 3, 2017
Dawn talked and showed video excerpts from her career, finishing with Cottage in its entirety.
Reunion Video

From the Horse's Mouth
May 5, 6, 2017
Dawn performed in the piece for the third time. This time at the
Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA to celebrate their 25th year.

Center for Arts at the Armory Cafe
191 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA
November 18, 2016
Richard Cambridge's Poets' Theater presented an evening for the benefit of the 2017 Lunar Calendar by Luna Press

We showed three moon-related pieces: Luminous, Mémoire and Moon

Mémoire was made in and around Paris as an homage to the late Malek Alloula, a distinguised Algerian poet and writer. Luminous is a short meditation on moon and woman, made under the full monn in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Moon is a computer generated moon orbit that listens and responds to the music that the program hears.

Roslindale Open Studeios

We showed some recent and older videos on screens at our home in Roslindale, MA.
We sold some video stills with the profits going to the Roslindale Food Pantry, and had some drinks and snacks.
Go to Roslindale Open Studios for more information

Photo Shoot in Paris
May 28, 2015
Photography by
Juan Manuel Abellán
Rue Neuve Popincourt
Le Voyageur, Avenue Parmentier
Paroisse Saint-Joseph des Nations

Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris
Salle Wagner
May 23, 2015
Video Presentation and Discussion in English and French:
Showing of excerpts and full pieces from 1976-2015:
Documentation of choreography made for stage and performances in video-projection environments
Site-specific pieces made in Europe and Japan for the particular medium of video

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Godine Callery
April 9 - 18, 2014
A Retrospective:
Site-specific performance videos from Europe (2012-2013)
Silent video/movement poems from the United States, Japan, and Italy (2008-2011)
Documentation of works in video projection environments (2007-2013)
Documentation of work with Dance Collective (1973-2003)

Boston Dance Alliance Gala
The Sanctuary Theater
400 Harvard St., Harvard Square, Cambridge
April 11, 2014
2014 Dr. Michael Shannon Dance Champion Award:
Judith Jaffee
Martha Armstrong Gray
Dawn Kramer

Paine Gallery
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Dawn exhibited the video work that she made while on sabbatical
during the fall of 2012. She was part of a group show of other MassArt faculty who have recently been on sabbatical or recently hired.
Sept 30 - Dec 7, 2013

David Friend Hall
Berklee College of Music
921 Bolyston Street,
Boston, MA
March 27, 2013

Throw/back, a short piece with Stan Strickland (music) and
Stephen Buck (video)

Sabbatical from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in the Fall 2012:
Research and development of new work in Europe, including making videos in the Burren in Ireland, a vineyard in Southern France and an olive farm in Sicily.

Buick Street Theater
Boston University
Excerpt from
Body of Water
Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2011

Pozen Center
Massachusetts College of Art & Design
Boston, Massachusetts
Body of Water
June 3 & 4, 2011

Doran Gallery
Massachusetts College of Art & Design
Boston, Massachusetts
Poesia Liguria, a silent video-movement poem
April 4 - 14, 2011
part of HydroLogically, an Exhibition dealing with water

Bogliasco, Italy
Artist in Residence, Liguria Study Center
November 18 -December 20, 2010

Kyoto, Japan
Created three new silent video-movement poems
At Shunko-in, Honen-in and Taizo-in
July 8 - 28, 2010

Brown Hall
New England Conservatory
Boston, Massachusetts
Presented by
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May 4, 2009

Dancing with Mathematica
Broad Auditorium, MIT
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cracking and Entanglement
Presented by
BostonScience Festival logo
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April 26, 2009

Jordan Hall
New England Conservatory
Boston, Massachusetts
October 21, 2008

Boston University Dance Theater
October 3 & 4, 2008

Pozen Center
April 12, 2008

Yamaha Piano Studio
New York, NY
Lament for a Dead Companion
January 14, 2008