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Choreography and performance by Dawn Kramer
Music by Katarina Miljkovic
Video and lighting by Stephen Buck
Footage shot by: William Parsons
© 2008 Dawn Kramer & Katarina Miljkovic


Making what we believe to be conscious choices is one of the definers of being human. Up/down, left/right, open/close, go/stay, active/still, mother/artist, grandmother/teacher, spouse/free spirit, productive/introspective…These various aspects of being in the world are sometimes in stark contrast to each other and sometimes harmonious. How do we create synthesis from chaos? At the deepest level, how do we apprehend "self/other" as the essential "one?" The structure of the choreography (live and video) references five classes of complexity, as cited below by Katarina.


We are constantly going through multiple states of mind and actions that differ in complexity: we are in stasis, paralyzed or peaceful, we repeat simple actions every day, we are in contained situations that repeat on different levels and haunt us as if there is a pattern, we are in chaos without a sense of direction or resolution. Accumulation and balance of the states make us who we are – universally complex beings. Finding an explanation of classes of complexity in the book A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram inspired me to work with his algorithms and apply them to music. Cracking takes us on a journey through complexity of movement, body projections and sound.


I was stunned by that incredible solo. I was on the edge of my seat. The juxtaposition of the physical body with the “filmed” body, the body made of light particles, I think, is actually not juxtaposition at all. It seemed to me that "Cracking" was showing us how the two things are more ALIKE than different

It was great theater.

- Theodore Bale, dance critic and historian