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Burren Bagatelle on Vimeo.

by Dawn Kramer and Stephen Buck
Music by Lúnasa from the CD
The Story So Far...

The Miller of Drohan
(TRAD ARR Trevor Hutchinson / Donogh Hennessy / Sean Smyth / Kevin Crawford/Mike McGoldrick)
Publisher: SGO Music Publishing Ltd
Kevin Crawford -- Low F whistle
Seán Smyth -- Low F whistle
Donogh Hennessy -- Guitar
Trevor Hutchinson -- Double Bass, cello
Mike McGoldrick -- Bb flute
Recorded by Ed Kenehan at Marguerite Studios, Dublin
From the album 'Otherworld' (1999) (available on Compass/Green Linnet #1200)
2007 Re-mix by Trevor Hutchinson at Marguerite Studios, Dublin

Thank you, Lúnasa, for letting us use this wonderful music.

Dawn wanted to make a light piece, a gentle spoof of the silent video/movement poems that she have been making in the last few years which tend to be very slow and serious, with the body highly integrated into the environment. She wanted to get a lot of local performers in Ireland. When it did not seem as if it was going to to work out, Stephen suggested that she do all the parts herself.

It was the trickiest piece to make. The watcher sees several different characters pop up out of the landscape, all of whom are played by Dawn. This feat required careful timing with the music. We made seven voice-over cue tracks and then used a fifty-foot cable with tiny video/audio monitor for Dawn to hear the music out behind the rocks, and countless hours of editing time for Stephen. The mysterious woman in white appears again at the end, watching the watcher.