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De/Reconstruction (2003)

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Choreography and performance: Dawn Kramer
Sound: Kevin Pelrine
Video shot by: Harvey Nosowitz
© 2003 Dawm Kramer

I made this solo for Dance Collective's thirtieth anniversary concert, as a farewell piece to my dance company, after thirty years of co-directing it. It seemed appropriate to deconstruct the curtain call. I found as many variations and rhythmic breakdowns of the bow as I could and asked Kevin Pelrine to take a sound recording of applause from a video of an earlier Dance Collective performance and to manipulate it. Half way through the piece, his meditative sound emerges from the din of applause. As that drone grows more prominent, my movements become more introspective. I end the piece in the upstage left corner, facing the wing, with arms and legs and focus extended upwards, peacefully seeking the next step.


"...the most important solo made in Boston this year (2003)...Few dances manage to present such a far-reaching physical and psychological journey in just 10 minutes, flawlessly constructed and full of powerful surprises."
--Theodore Bale, The Boston Herald, January 2, 2004