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Cameo (1991)

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Choreography:Dawn Kramer
Performers: Dawn Kramer and Carlo Rizzo
Music: Saint Saëns, Mon Coeur s’Ouvre à Ta Voix, sung by Regina Resnick
Set: courtesy of the Roxy

Cameo is an excerpt from the full-length work, “After Ever”. It has been performed several times as a stand alone piece. Never leaving their swivel stools at the bar table, a man and a woman embody the classical battle of the sexes in a highly non-classical manner.


Kramer shows us how the heady ecstasy of love can be crushed by life’s mundane realities: He wants the candle lit, she wants it out. Kramer and partner Carlo Rizzo, an exquisite looking “perfect”couple perched like matching book ends on barstools across the would-be candlelit table, complement each other phrase for phrase, gesture for gesture, breath for breath in this perfectly constructed miniature.

T.J. Medrek, jr.
Bay Windows, July 1, 1993

They sit at a candlelit bar table, interacting only by reaching for each other and spinning themselves slowly on their stools in order to connect. They battle over the table’s candle, lighting it and blowing it out, enacting a small, amusing power struggle.

Diane C. Grant
The Boston Globe, June 26, 1993