Burren Bagatelle on Vimeo.

Burren Bagatelle
by Dawn Kramer and Stephen Buck
Music by Lúnasa from the CD
The Story So Far...

The Miller of Drohan
(TRAD ARR Trevor Hutchinson / Donogh Hennessy / Sean Smyth / Kevin Crawford/Mike McGoldrick)
Publisher: SGO Music Publishing Ltd
Kevin Crawford -- Low F whistle
Seán Smyth -- Low F whistle
Donogh Hennessy -- Guitar
Trevor Hutchinson -- Double Bass, cello
Mike McGoldrick -- Bb flute
Recorded by Ed Kenehan at Marguerite Studios, Dublin
From the album 'Otherworld' (1999) (available on Compass/Green Linnet #1200)
2007 Re-mix by Trevor Hutchinson at Marguerite Studios, Dublin

Thank you, Lúnasa, for letting us use this wonderful music.

I (Dawn) wanted to make a light piece, a gentle spoof of the silent video/movement poems that I have been making in the last few years which tend to be very slow and serious, with the body highly integrated into the environment.

Dawn wanted to get a lot of local performers in Ireland. When that did not seem as if it was going to to work out, I suggested that she do all the parts herself. Seven voice over cue tracks, one battery powered monitor with speaker and a 50' cable and innumerable restarts later, plus lots of editing.