Dawn in "Body of Water"

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  A Quick Flyover of Body of Water

Body of Water is a two part video installation. It begins with single channel projections on three screens showing several silent video-movement poems made in different parts of the world, including the coast of Maine, Kyoto, Japan, Westwood, Massachusetts and the Ligurean coast of Italy. In the adjacent Godine Family Gallery, there are two pieces by Stephen Buck being shown with music,

It is followed by a performance by Dawn Kramer in a video projection environment.

Body of Water explores the delicate relationship between human beings and the sea. The earth's surface is covered with about 71% water, with less than 1% of it available to support all living things. The human body is filled with 55%-78% water. Humans and the sea are deeply connected, yet the negative human impact on our oceans has been vast.

Dawn in "Body of Water"

The video installation consists of several silent video-movement poems made in different parts of the world. These short site-specific videos envision the human figure at a small scale in relation to our marine/terrestrial environment, thus imagining a better balance between the two.

The work also continues exploring the mysteries of Buddhist philosophy, questioning the boundaries of “self.”

In the live performance, the body will at times appear to be filled with water, at other times submerged in the sea, playing with gurgling water, leaking its own liquids, or escaping encroaching oil slicks. Stephen Buck’s manipulation of the video imagery through Isadora software creates these illusions. Composer DJ Antony Flackett aka DJ Flack has created music for the piece. Sara Marhamo (Industrial Stitchers Guild) is helping to create costumes.
Dawn in "Body of Water"
The Liguria Study Center Body of Water was started in a residency at the Liguria Study Center where Dawn was a Fellow of the Bogliasco Foundation last fall. Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation, Stephen was able to accompany her there to work on the video projections. We thank them very much.

Before the performance of Body of Water, we are projecting on the walls of the Pozen Center Dawn's short single-channel silent video poems:

Poesia Liguria

shot on the coastal rocks of Nervi, a small neighborhood adjacent to the town of Bogliasco.

Poesia Liguria

Dawn in "Body of Water"


a piece shot at The Center at Westwoods before we went to Japan.

We shot works at three temples in Kyoto with the assistance of a grant from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation.

A still from Honen-in, a temple near the Philosophers' Walk,
Dawn in "Body of Water"
Dawn in "Body of Water" one from Taizo --in,
and one from Shunko-in.
Dawn in "Body of Water"

Stephen has made two videos . They will be shone in the Godine Family Gallery adjacent to the Pozen Center. Both of the videos use Isadora software. In Tree, to set up the kaladascope, adjust the paramenters, play the music and start the clip of Dawn in a tree at Haystack in Maine at a different place to give slight variation every time it plays. In Moon, it plays the music and listens to different pitches and adjusts 4 parameters, blur, zoom, rotation and the relative strength of the moon photo and a clip of Dawn in the rocks. It also randomizes the beginning of the clip each time it plays.

Dawn in "Body of Water"


Music from “Sickness and Death”
composed by Marcelo Zarvos
Performed by Ethel
Available on Light
Cantaloupe Music CA21017

For more information about the music:



Music . . .Vartani (Armenian traditional)
arranged and performed by Yuval Ron from the CD:
Oud Prayers on the Road to St. Jacques. Available at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/yuval8

Dawn in "Moon"

Just for fun, The Body of Water trailer