Wellesley Reunion, Class of '67

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Choreography: Dawn Kramer
Performance: Dawn Kramer and Dance Collective
Editing: Stephen Buck
First shown June 3, 2017

This video journey is just a bit longer than the 20-minute presentation that I gave at Wellesley College on June 3, 2017 as part of the '67 class reunion. Some folks were unable to see it that day so we are posting it here. Thank you, Karin and Andrea, for your hard work facilitating "Passions and Projects," and thank you, Stephen Buck, for handling all the technical aspects of making this video showing possible.
"Mercy" had some copyright issues so we have changed the music for the last section. Thank you https://www.sounddogs.com/
Credits can be found for most of the pieces under Recent or Early Work.

Our Reunion

What a sweet surprise to be with people I hadn't seen in 52 years! So many of you are doing great work...as judges, lawyers, doctors, non-profit leaders, in the arts, public radio, politics, volunteering, grand parenting, traveling, writing, teaching. We are a very politically active group too. I had transferred to Sarah Lawrence after sophomore year for their excellent dance program for credit, so it was incredibly moving how many people remembered me. I had the opportunity to offer a 20' video showing to represent 45 years (!) of choreography to a small group of classmates, and got great feedback on it.