Secret Laughs (Rires Secrets)

Currently Dawn is an artist-in-residence at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA. Selected as one of four choreographers, she is part of the CATALYSTS program. This year the catalysts are four women working in different genres and at different stages of their careers. The others are Ali Kenner-Brodsky, Rebecca McGowan, and Aysha Upchurch.

Secret Laughs (Rires Secrets) is the title of a new piece by Dawn Kramer. In the last poem written by Algerian poet, Malek Alloula, (Les Pluies du Miracle/The Rains of the Miracle), “secret laughs” of “whispering water”are also our ironic recognition that human craving and torments melt away with the acceptance that all things born must die. In the performance, dancers emerge from a forested videoscape, sing with the birds, gurgle with the brook, lean on each other, and dance and play in a world of surprises. Live vocals and music enhance the connection of dancers, video, poetry and audience. A moment of utter chaos when anything can happen precedes the resolution when bits of the entire piece synthesize and flash before our eyes. Dawn performs live and on video and is joined by master improviser Olivier Besson. The legendary Stan Strickland performs live music. Stephen Buck creates the video projections and manipulates it live through Isadora software.

Dates & Times are:

January 12, Saturday 8 PM
January 13, Sunday 7 PM
January 18, Friday 8 PM
January 19, Saturday 8 PM
January 25, Friday 8 PM
January 26, Saturday 8 PM

All will take place at the Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA.

More Info at the Complex

Above is some excerpts from the first time we all got together. Since then the lighting has been worked on to make the dancers more visible. I am working with some software in order to use my cell phone to provide a live camera feed to Isadora. I am also using a midi adaptor so that I can control the lighting console from the laptop.